This is who Chicago Bears chairman George McCaskey should listen to

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Chicago Bears chairman George McCaskey also needs to look elsewhere.

George McCaskey would also best serve himself if he got in touch with some football experts outside the organization. It cannot hurt to go outside of Halas Hall to assess the Bears. These people do not officially have to be on the payroll (Unless league states they have to). Instead, these football people are just folks to be a phone call away to get valuable feedback. Plus, these individuals would be better to call on than the owners of the New York Giants.

  • Jimmy Johnson: He may not have helped the Houston Texans find the best head coach but that coaching search went off the tracks. This is still a guy who has two Super Bowl rings and a National Championship to his credit. Plus, Johnson can be a valuable resource when it comes to draft pick capital. Something the Chicago Bears’ current general manager has wasted.
  • Tony Dungy: If he is not a candidate for the Bears’ potential football operations president, he should at the very least be a team advisor. He is one of the most respected football people in the world. He also happens to be a well-connected football man.
  • Peyton Manning: He probably wants an ownership stake before he would be an advisor. Still, he is such a smart football mind that having his number in George McCaskey’s phone is probably a good idea.
  • Bill Polian: He built five teams that went to the Super Bowl. He was also the architect of the Indianapolis Colts team that beat the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl. The man knows a thing or two about building winning teams. There are reports Polian is assisting George right now.
  • Amy Trask: The only reason her tenure as Raiders CEO was not as successful was she had to deal with Al Davis. She can definitely guide George on running a family-owned football franchise.
  • Matt Bowen: The ESPN analyst and Chicago native can break down film with the best of them. He is a brilliant football mind. Whatever ESPN is paying Bowen, McCaskey should double it to help him out.
  • Brian Baldinger: Another excellent, brilliant football person when it comes to analyzing game tape. The NFL Network personality could assist in helping George ask future coaches why the heck did you call this play?
  • Jim Nagy: The Senior Bowl executive director is one of the most connected football people in the world. If he is not considered for the possible football czar job, George should at least become good friends with this Nagy.
  • Michael Lombardi: He is probably the Chicago Bears biggest critic. That is something George McCaskey needs. He needs to hear the hard truth sometimes and the former NFL executive has no problem telling it.
  • Andrew Brandt: He is a former agent and Green Bay Packers salary cap manager. He is a wealth of football expertise and has worked for the legendary Ron Wolf and Bob Harlen. Plus, it cannot hurt to get an enemy perspective.