Chicago Bears Rumors: A very big day coming at Halas Hall

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

For the moment, the Chicago Bears could enjoy a rarely-seen win. Veteran quarterback Nick Foles took the start for Chicago against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 16 and led an improbable, late, game-winning drive.

With the Bears down by seven, Foles swiftly led the Bears offense down the field and threw a touchdown to Jimmy Graham. Then, Matt Nagy made the call to go for two — and the win.

A ridiculous catch made by Damiere Byrd gave the Bears the lead, and they held it for the remaining minute left in the game.

Although it was a feel-good afternoon for a team that hasn’t had many things to cheer about all season, the win might not mean much in the end — especially when it comes to Nagy. Monday morning, teams with coaching vacancies can now begin interviewing candidates from other teams.

To say it’s a big day is an understatement.

It will be a big day for the Chicago Bears at Halas Hall, but what does that mean?

Brad Spielberger, who is typically pretty clued-in on the Bears and a salary cap analyst for Pro Football Focus, tweeted something small, yet significant early on Monday. Before the clock even hit 8:00 a.m., he suggested big things were coming for the Bears.

What does something like this mean? Could it be that Nagy is actually going to get fired?

The Bears have never fired a coach in-season over their century-plus existence. They are historically patient with these decisions and do not make them until the season is over, most recently allowing John Fox to finish out the season before letting him go and hiring Nagy.

Could this have something to do with Ryan Pace? The Bears general manager has also been on the hot seat for a while now, despite boasting a pretty strong 2021 draft class.

One thing is near certain, and that’s Nagy’s impending firing. It’s been broadly speculated for quite some time, and most reports have stated that he’ll be gone at the end of the season.

However, before the Bears took on Seattle on Sunday, Ian Rapoport reported that Nagy could be fired following the game. Now, that report insinuated that the Bears were going to lose the game — which they did not.

Not only could the Bears do the unthinkable and fire Nagy in-season, but after a win. That would show some serious guts by Ted Phillips and George McCaskey.

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However the big day unfolds, and if anything actually happens, Bears fans will be keeping an eye on Halas Hall. Change is inevitable, but if it happened sooner rather than later, the majority of fans would have reason to be excited going into the New Year.