Chicago Bears QB Nick Foles gives subtle jab to Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

When the Chicago Bears took the field on Sunday afternoon, their season was already mathematically over. The playoffs were no longer an option at 4-10, therefore this team was playing for pride.

Make no mistake, though. The Bears were not playing for their head coach. No matter what anyone has said about Matt Nagy still receiving some support or not losing the locker room, he had done enough damage. These guys were playing for pride — for themselves. Turns out, the Bears had one miraculous, last-minute drive in them and snagged this game away from the Seattle Seahawks.

Sure, Nagy may be a good guy. He might be a likable person outside of football. But, he has proven that he is not the man for the job here in Chicago. It just hasn’t worked.

Funny enough, that’s the primary topic of discussion, here. When Nick Foles started at quarterback Sunday against the Seahawks, he was already well aware that Nagy’s offense wasn’t working all season — and he was asked about it publicly.

Nick Foles took an opportunity to subtly jab Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy after the game.

With the help from a reporter who asked the tough question, Foles took his opportunity to try and shy away from answering. He was asked why the Bears offense hasn’t worked this year, to which he replied:

"“It’s not my place to say.”"

Here’s the thing. Foles could have taken a different route and gone on to explain why maybe the players weren’t doing enough. Even if it wasn’t necessarily true, he could have taken one for his coach. He did not do that.

He chose to simply evade the question, which leads anyone and everyone to believe that even he thinks this offense has been a complete disaster. Heck, the numbers prove that. Just go check them out — and make sure you grab a puke tray while you’re at it.

Foles took a subtle jab at his coach, whether it came off like that or not.

We weren’t done there, though.

Foles was also asked about him being caught on camera weeks ago during the disastrous Cleveland Browns game saying something along the lines of, “it just isn’t working.”

The “it” there referred to Nagy’s offense, and Foles answered that question honestly.

The vibe you got from these questions and answers with Foles was not a warm one. Despite leading the Bears to a comeback victory on the road and in the snow, Foles wasn’t about to admit anything positive about his head coach’s offense.

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Even though Chicago came back and stole the game away from the Seahawks, it does nothing for Nagy at this stage. Most reports that have come out over the past few weeks suggest the Bears are already set on moving on from him. It is only a matter of time, now.