Nick Foles is a terrible Christmas present for the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports) /

Merry Christmas, Chicago Bears fans! We have all been very naughty because we are getting a freshly wrapped Nick Foles for Christmas. Matt Nagy announced that he would be the team’s starting quarterback on Sunday afternoon against the Seattle Seahawks. This was a very tough thing to read over the holiday weekend.

When the season began, it was bad enough that Justin Fields had to compete against Andy Dalton. Even though Dalton hasn’t been the same guy since his Cincinnati Bengals days, he has had a much more consistent career than Nick Foles. Nobody would have ever thought that he’d get a game under center this year.

The only thing that Foles can dangle over everyone’s head is his Super Bowl ring and Super Bowl MVP trophy. He had that one magical playoff run where he won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. When Carson Wentz got hurt that year, Foles came in and dominated. Not only did they win, but they also did it over Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.

Of course, you remember Foles from a season later. He helped the Philadelphia Eagles come to Chicago and win a playoff game on the road. It will forever be known as the Cody Parkey game for obvious reasons but the Eagles do deserve credit for the way that they played in that era.

Nick Foles is not the answer for success when it comes to the Chicago Bears.

Unfortunately, the Bears traded for him hoping to get that version of him back. He has been nothing short of terrible since being given a chance with them in 2020. It became clear that even someone like Mitch Trubiksy could help them win more. So as mentioned before, the news of him playing on Sunday against the Seahawks is horrid.

Why was this decision made? It was injury-based. Justin Fields sustained an ankle injury in the Monday Night Football game. This was the worst possible news for the Bears right now as they want to get Fields getting as many reps as possible which makes a ton of sense.

Andy Dalton is also not healthy which makes this decision easier. This is already a lost season in a lot of ways so seeing Foles get a start doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t even matter if they tank because the New York Giants have their first-round pick from the Fields trade. That is why winning should have been on the horizon in 2021.

The Bears just aren’t a good organization. They let their good players down by having a subpar coach and a subpar GM. Neither of them does things the right way which is the reason that the team is bad. Neither of them is ready to admit big mistakes or make problems easier which is also something that needs to change. Hopefully, with all of this lousy info in mind, everyone can have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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