3 insane Patrick Kane trade packages with Calgary Flames

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Chicago White Sox, Johnny Gaudreau
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The Chicago Blackhawks could turn a Patrick Kane trade into a blockbuster.

As mentioned before, a first-round pick coming back from the Calgary Flames if the Hawks sent over Kane. It would be up to the Hawks to take advantage of it and select a good player with the pick. They haven’t been that good at drafting in recent years which is something that needs to change. Without their own pick, this would really help for the future.

Johnny Gaudreau has been a prolific offensive player for a few years now. He certainly hasn’t been as good as Patrick Kane but good nonetheless. He is also is on an expiring contract so the trade would have to depend on him agreeing to an extension. At 28 years old, he has a lot of great hockey left in the tank. So far in 2021-22, he has 10 goals and 20 assists for 30 points in 28 games which is brilliant.

Again, there have been no rumors surrounding Patrick Kane outside of people providing opinions on what a trade might look like. He only has one more year after this one on his contract so that talk might start to heat up over the next year or so. If they were to make a trade early, however, this year’s edition of the Calgary Flames would be a perfect fit.

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