Robert Quinn’s comments speak volumes about NFL officiating

Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are not good. Even if they didn’t take five personal foul penalties out of nine total, they wouldn’t have won the game because the Minnesota Vikings are a much better football team in every way. The Bears can’t score and their defense is fine sometimes but it certainly isn’t very dominant.

However, the officiating in the National Football League is a complete joke. One of Chicago’s penalties is something that you really don’t see a lot which was a flag on head coach Matt Nagy. Now Matt Nagy isn’t very good at his job. They can’t score and it is mostly a result of his scheming.

With that in mind, he certainly isn’t a mean man or a bad man. The fact that the referee had his feelings hurt so bad that he threw a flag on him for yelling about a call is a disgrace. Maybe Nagy wouldn’t have had to yell mean things if a flag wasn’t wrongly thrown on Deon Bush for hitting Tyler Conklin. It was such a bad call and only one of many.

Robert Quinn went out of his way to blast the overall officiating in the NFL and this game specifically after the game. Nagy spoke about it too but that is expected from the head coach. The fact that someone like Robert Quinn said something means things are really bad.

The Chicago Bears need Robert Quinn to continue displaying leadership in 2021.

It is starting to become a trend in the NFL with some of these officials. They like to make the game about themselves instead of letting the players dictate the outcome. It really takes away from what is otherwise a very awesome sport to spectate. Nobody likes seeing bad calls lead to penalties in games that are so important.

It would be nice to see the league do something about this besides fining everyone who disagrees with them. Robert Quinn probably doesn’t want to be dealing with this stuff right now. He is focusing on finishing off another Pro Bowl season (his third selection).

Quinn had two sacks in this one to bring his total to 16.0 on the year. He only trails TJ Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers now by 1.5 for the league lead. He has a chance to catch and pass him along with breaking Richard Dent’s Chicago Bears record of 17.5 sacks.

He is having a magnificent year after a disaster of a 2020 season in which he looked like he was on a very bad contract. This year, things have changed for him as he looks like the former Pro Bowler that he once was. Hopefully, he doesn’t have to complain about the officiating anymore but man has it been bad.

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