3 Patrick Kane trade packages with the New York Rangers

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Chicago Blackhawks, Alexis Lafreniere
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The Chicago Blackhawks could get a lot for someone like Patrick Kane right now.

The Chicago Blackhawks could get a whole lot in return if they were to trade Patrick Kane to a contending team like the New York Rangers. A package that includes multiple draft picks feels like a lock at this point. They don’t have their own first-rounder anymore as they traded it away for Seth Jones (lottery protected) so getting one back would be a great thing.

A seventh-round pick would be nice as well as getting as many prospects as possible is always a plus for any team in the National Hockey League. With that said, the biggest prize in this trade is Alexis Lafreniere. Seeing him mentioned should tell you how much Patrick Kane is still worth in the eyes of many.

Lafreniere was the first overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. The Rangers won the lottery that they were allowed to participate in as a result of the COVID-19 bubble in which they were eliminated early. He hasn’t hit his stride in the NHL yet but he will.

If he came to the Chicago Blackhawks, they would surely have to develop him into the power forward that we know he can be. He would instantly be considered the centerpiece of their future. It is something that both sides would heavily have to think about. For the Rangers, it would be about whether or not they think can win right away because giving up Lafreniere is big.