Does Nick Foles have a future on the Chicago Bears coaching staff?

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(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

As we’ve gotten closer to the end of the season and Nagy’s fate all but certain, I’ve been spending more time breaking down good coaching fits for the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields. I know Kellen Moore is a popular name, but I’m not sure he’s ready for a head coaching gig just yet. However, if the Bears were to land someone like Kellen to be their OC, I think that would be a great fit. One person who fits that bill may already be on the Bears roster…and it’s Nick Foles.

Obviously, Foles is still a player and may not even have retirement on his mind right now, but the what-if game poses some interesting scenarios to consider. Additionally, I’m not at all trying to suggest that Nick Foles should be the next head coach of the Chicago Bears, but what about other roles? Upon further thought, I realized Nick Foles is definitely worthy of consideration – if he were to retire and wanted to coach – to be Justin Fields’ offensive coordinator or QB coach on the next coaching staff.

It’s clear that Justin looks up to both his veteran mentors, but from what he’s said, it seems that Foles, specifically, has been instrumental in communicating the nuances of playing the position to help Justin improve each and every week.

"“It’s just little things from hearing from Nick and Andy, just talking to them…I asked Nick yesterday what things he saw when I was playing that I can improve on…I definitely picked up a few little minor things – just minor things – within the game of football that will help me” – Justin Fields"

Additionally, Fields noted that Foles is a great communicator and is potentially interested in a coaching career when he’s done playing.

"“Nick, he’s a great person,…I think he wants to be a coach when he’s older, so he actually loves that stuff when I ask him what I can do to get better, what he thinks I should do on a certain play. He likes giving me feedback on stuff like that and teaching me” – Justin Fields“I think Nick and Andy, they have different mindsets than the coaches on some plays…They might think differently on some concepts, so I’m always going to get their opinion on a certain play, how they would look at it, how they would look at the progressions, stuff like that. It’s just good hearing different perspectives on different plays and stuff and really just breaking it down, making the plays as simple as possible in your head” – Justin Fields"

These were all from his December 8th presser, and what’s clear is that Foles, despite his shaky play and expensive contract, has a lot of respect from the Bears locker room and specifically from Justin Fields. He’s someone that Fields trusts to guide him and that’s an invaluable asset on a coaching staff as you develop a young quarterback.

The Chicago Bears should absolutely consider Nick Foles for a future coaching position.

What’s also interesting about these quotes is that Nagy himself is a former quarterback, who in theory should be able to provide Justin with similar guidance. After all, it is this pedigree that got him the Bears’ job in the first place to develop Mitchell Trubisky. I think it’s rather telling that Fields relies on both Dalton and Foles enough to the point where he openly gives them credit for their roles in his development/growth as a quarterback.

The last major point about Foles is this: his resume. He’s someone who has experienced the highs of being a big-time NFL quarterback, he’s a Superbowl winning QB, Superbowl MVP, he’s been beloved in every single locker room he’s been in, and above all else, he’s not afraid of the truth – especially regarding the state of the Chicago Bears current offense.

Nick Foles appears to have the pedigree of someone who knows how to be a leader in a locker room, tells things like they are, and excels as a communicator with his teammates. So, if the Chicago Bears (and perhaps their fans) really want to find the next Kellen Moore,  perhaps it’s time to look closer at someone they could promote from within their own organization.

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