Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy approaching Urban Meyer status

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After Week 14, some football fans have seen their respective team’s head coach in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Monday morning, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy spoke to the media and, to no one’s surprise, continued to sound clueless.

Another head coach under heavy fire, at the moment, is Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer. The first-year coach has reportedly lost the support of just about everyone within the organization.

Now, Meyer has taken the cake as the league’s biggest clown of a head coach at this point. According to reports, Meyer has referred to his assistant coaches as losers and has infuriated even the most mild-mannered players on his roster as of late.

Similar to Nagy, Meyer also seems clueless in many of his press conferences. Monday, Meyer was asked about Andre Cisco and his playing time, to which Meyer responded: “Cisco is playing a little bit more, I believe. I don’t have his numbers in front of me.”

Cisco wasn’t on the field for a single snap on Sunday, which proves Meyer has no idea what’s happening with his team. Is Nagy getting close to being in the same boat?

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy proved he is almost as clueless as Urban Meyer with some select comments Monday morning.

During his time with the media on Monday, Nagy was asked about his second half adjustments and if they did anything differently when trying to defend Green Bay Packers All Pro wideout Davante Adams.

First of all, let’s go back to the halftime report on Sunday night. Nagy went into the locker room and told reporters “We’re having a lot of fun.”

While the first half was fun, Nagy was a fool to believe the Packers were going to play the exact same way in the second half as they did in the first. To not have a game plan for Adams in the second half is silly. Of course the Packers were going to adjust and get their best offensive weapon the football.

When Green Bay made their adjustments and started feeding Adams, the Bears sat back and played the same defense they did in the first half. It seemed as though Nagy was insinuating that he didn’t see anything different from the Packers in the second half when it came to their offensive game plan.

To make matters worse, Nagy’s own player told reporters exactly what the Packers did with Adams. Jaylon Johnson had this to say:

"“A lot of motions. A lot of drag routes, underneath routes. A lot of pick-routes. They switched it up pretty good. They did a lot of things that make covering him very hard.”"

Nagy is either blind or, for lack of a better term, just plain dumb. But, that comes to no one’s surprise. At this point, Nagy’s inability to speak fluently in his time with the media has become a running joke. The “Nagy-isms” have come all season long and, really, have been there for four years now.

You have to wonder if players and coaches have given up a little bit when it comes to their effort on the field. Has Nagy lost the locker room? Conflicting reports have tried clarifying that question over the last few weeks. But, the bottom line is, they are far from a cohesive locker room at this point.

Nagy doesn’t know how to form complete sentences when answering questions. How do we expect him to understand how to make second half adjustments when trying to defend one of the most lethal players in football?

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Meyer has his particular issues, but so does Nagy. Both are laughable coaches at this point. Both will be fired. There is absolutely no denying that neither one of them should ever be a coach in this league ever again.