Chicago Bulls: 2 Indiana Pacers big men to consider via trade

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Chicago Bulls, Myles Turner
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Myles Turner

Adding someone like Myles Turner could provide a big boost for the Chicago Bulls.

Myles Turner, like Sabonis, is also on a team-friendly deal making $18M per year for the next two seasons. In today’s NBA, this is a steal for a starting-level center who plays elite defense.

Turner is currently leading the NBA in blocks with 2.8 blocks per game. This is a category that he has led the NBA in twice before. Turner would be a huge addition to the roster as the Bulls rank in the bottom half of the league in this department.

While not having the offensive prowess or rebounding ability of Sabonis, Turner could be the better addition based on the current Bulls’ needs.

The Bulls do not lack scoring ranking top 10 in the league, averaging 109.6 points per game. While Turner isn’t a bum on the offensive end (averaging 12.6 points and 7.5 rebounds per game), he would be the rim protector that the Bulls have been missing since Joakim Noah.

The reality is, the Bulls are one of the best teams in the NBA as currently constructed. The two schools of thought would be to stand pat and make minimal additions to fill holes as needed. Or, go all in and maximize a window of winning with the potential of future ramifications.

I am not sure which option is best. What I do know is that they have the front office that does. The new regime has brought hope to the city of Chicago and that is all that we can ask for. In AK and Eversley we trust.

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