Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy continues with same loser’s mentality

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

There were no surprises when the Chicago Bears took on the Arizona Cardinals yesterday. The Bears ended up losing 33-22, but the score wasn’t indicative of just how poor of a performance this team put on.

Unless their name was Roquan Smith, Robert Quinn or David Montgomery, chances are they had a mediocre performance at best.

Andy Dalton stepped in for an injured Justin Fields and threw four interceptions in the loss. The ball moved well at times, but that was mostly thanks to Montgomery, who finished with 141 total yards from scrimmage.

After the game, head coach Matt Nagy took the stand and, once again, filled a solid 10 minutes with the same garbage we continue to hear from this guy.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy has a loser’s mentality, and his postgame press conference proved it once again.

To start with, Nagy did use the infamous phrase, “look at the whys,” which he has used every single week after a loss. It’s always about “the whys” with this guy. The problem is, Nagy’s team seems to have a lack of understanding with “the whys.”

Nagy simply continued down the same road he travels every single week — nothing but generic, semi-motivational quotes.

"“During times like these, it’s our job to make sure we give it everything we got … just keep fighting, sticking together. I know it can sound old, I know it can sound monotonous … we’re always going to give it everything we got.”"

Nagy was also asked how deflating those four picks were that Dalton threw. Nagy first said they have to look at how the picks were happening. Then, he trialed off and didn’t exactly answer the question.

"“In games like this with the elements, you guys can see it. I think Kyler was slipping – the ball was fumbling early in the game, too. I think there was more weather in the first half than the second half, rain-wise … Um, and then, you know, you have the play-action, the ball got tipped on the third pick. And then the fourth p-, err, and then you had the screen …”"

It’s difficult to even try to explain what all of those words were, or what they meant. But, they’re words all right.

Throughout Nagy’s entire postgame press conference, he continued to repeat one particular phrase: “our guys know that, they understand that.”

Just what, exactly, do they know? What do they understand?

If this team understood knew and understood the things that continue to hamper them, one would think that at least a few areas would be corrected and improved. However, that hasn’t been the case. This team continues doing the exact same things week-in and week-out. The same mistakes, missed tackles, poor offensive line play and drops — they all continue to happen.

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The fans, the players and the entire city of Chicago has had it with this guy. He is a loser, period. He owns a loser’s mentality and nothing has changed over the past four years.