5 Chicago Bears who need strong finishes to the season

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Darnell Mooney has to finish the season strong for the Chicago Bears

The more Darnell Mooney continues to flash this season, the more likely it is becoming that he could thrive as a number one wide receiver. If someone would have thrown out the idea that Mooney could replace Allen Robinson just a couple of months ago, most would have disagreed.

However, Mooney is proving to be a star in the making. He is not just a deep threat any longer. His route running is improving — and maybe it was never a question to begin with. Mooney is simply stuck in a terrible offense which doesn’t allow him to showcase his full skill set.

This might sound crazy, but Mooney has shades of Stefon Diggs in him. The quick feet stand out. The Bears have to continue getting him the football, but also allow him to show off his route running by allowing him to be used in a variety of ways and formations.

Next year, the Bears won’t have a plethora of cash to work with. Sure, they could use the majority of their money on the wide receiver position, but other needs like offensive line and the secondary are apparent as well. If Mooney finishes the season as strong as he’s been playing lately, there is a world where the Bears allow him a chance to be that true alpha.