Chicago Bears players are not a fan of the many ‘Fire Nagy’ chants

Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports) /

For a couple of weeks now, Chicago Bears fans have taken their frustration to a new level. Earlier on this season, fans chanted for Justin Fields while Andy Dalton was on the field.

They got their wish. Fields is now the cemented starting quarterback.

Recently, fans have taken it into their own hands to start yet another chant. The “fire Nagy” chant has become a favorite amongst Bears fans, and they don’t appear to be stopping soon.

Just last week, there were reports about the Bears firing Nagy after their Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions. Those reports first surfaced on Tuesday morning when a former Chicago Sun Times columnist, Mark Konkol, stated that he had sources telling him Nagy would not coach another game after Thanksgiving.

Though that report was squashed and it appears Nagy may indeed finish out the season, fans aren’t having it. Most Bears fans still want Nagy gone immediately, especially because the Bears can now begin interviewing candidates in Week 17, thanks to new NFL rules.

The ‘fire Nagy’ chant doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon, but Chicago Bears players aren’t thrilled about them.

Not only are Bears fans chanting this at their own games, but in other arenas as well. Several recent Bulls games have seen fans chanting ‘fire Nagy’ in the fourth quarter. It’s almost as if you can tell when a Bulls game is almost over because those chants will surely begin.

No sport is off-limits for Chicago sports fans, either.

Fans have even begun chanting at Illinois men’s basketball games.

Also, just a few days ago, the chants reached an all-time low. Kids at Nagy’s son’s high school football game began chanting ‘fire Nagy,’ which obviously crosses a line and brings his son into this — an unnecessary move by these kids.

Bears safety Eddie Jackson spoke out about these chants this week and, let’s just say he’s not happy.

"”We hate it honestly. The fans have got to understand that doesn’t help anything. Y’all want us to play better, do better, that’s not helping when you all are sitting up there and chanting that.”"

With this being such a delicate topic, it’s fair that not many players have spoken out. But, it isn’t surprising for Jackson to do so. He’s never been shy with his words, and he’s a tenured player in this locker room. So, for him to say “we hate it” speaks volumes.

It’s a tough dynamic, to be frank. Bears fans have had to deal with mostly mediocre or poor performance for what seems like decades now. It isn’t fair to the people who spend so much time, money and emotion on a franchise when the product on the field is terrible.

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Whether or not the chanting stops, the Bears have to do something drastic in the coming weeks. If they choose to wait until the end of the season, that’s fine. But, something big has to happen. Not just Nagy, but Ryan Pace should be out of a job as well. Let’s see if George McCaskey and Ted Phillips actually have the stones to make serious changes.