Chicago Bears’ Thanksgiving Day win does nothing for Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images) /

It is pretty safe to say that most Chicago Bears fans are moving on quickly after the team’s 16-13 Thanksgiving Day win over the Detroit Lions.

Even Bears and Lions fans were likely looking forward to the rest of the day’s games, anxiously awaiting the final tick. This game was far from entertaining, and nowhere near an appetizer for the rest of Thursday’s slate.

This particular Thanksgiving game was different than any in recent years for the Bears, as head coach Matt Nagy went into it after one wild week of news and rumors.

It all started Tuesday, when a report leaked in regards to Nagy’s future with the team. One columnist, Mark Konkol, was told that Nagy would not make it past Thursday’s game with the Bears. He stated that, according to his sources, Nagy would be fired before the Bears take on the Arizona Cardinals next week.

Wednesday, those reports were flattened by Nagy himself, along with a report out of the Chicago Tribune stating the same. The original news break was, indeed, false.

Chicago pulled off the win over Detroit, and Nagy is reportedly safe, but that cannot be for long.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy should feel anything but safe after the Bears’ win over the Lions.

This was a win — and fans will take a win any way they can get it. But, this win felt different. In fact, it was exactly what many fans wanted to see going into the day: an ugly win that would do nothing for Nagy’s reputation or future.

It was ugly — oh boy, was it ugly.

We saw the Lions defer the opening coin toss, followed by the Bears attempting to defer right back to Detroit. If you didn’t know, that’s impossible.

We saw a Lions punt returner spin in circles, unaware of where the ball was. We saw Andy Dalton — starting in place of an injured Justin Fields — throw into double coverage and get picked off in the red zone. We even saw the Lions take two back-to-back timeouts which resulted in a 5-yard penalty — this coming on the final drive of the game.

It was an afternoon of laughable happenings. Although Dalton threw for 317 yards, the Bears still only put up a measly 16 points — which is right around what they’ve averaged over the course of their 5-game losing streak.

The defense did just enough to secure the win, but the team as a whole failed to show up. It was a boring game, for the most part. The offense struggled mightily, rushing for only 68 yards on 29 carries — and against the 31st ranked rushing defense in football.

Must Read. Bears fans will be thankful if these things happen. light

Winning this football game does absolutely nothing for Nagy’s job security. For the Bears to narrowly beat the worst team in the league, on a last-second field goal, is pure, comedic gold. If the Bears lose to Arizona next week, and/or to Green Bay the following week, Nagy is as a good as gone.