Chicago Bears fans would be thankful if these things happened

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2. Chicago Bears fans would be thankful if Matt Nagy gets fired

Above most things happening, this would be the one that takes the cake. Head coach Matt Nagy has been in headlines lately in regards to his uncertain future with the Bears. Tuesday, one particular report from a former Chicago Sun Times writer, Mark Konkol, stated that Nagy will coach his last game today against the Lions.

While we wait to see what happens in the immediate future, one thing is pretty clear: Nagy won’t be around for long. His days as the Bears’ head coach are coming to an end sooner rather than later.

Wednesday morning, The Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs went on The Score and said that he believes the Bears would fire Nagy in-season if they were to part ways with him. This is due to the new NFL rules which allow teams to interview coaching candidates starting in Week 17.

Nagy’s incompetence has been on full display for a couple of years now, and it continues to get worse. If he was fired, Bears fans would have reason to be even more thankful and look towards brighter days — assuming the front office and ownership can hire the right guy to replace Nagy.