Chicago Bears fans would be thankful if these things happened

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Happy Thanksgiving, Chicago Bears fans.

Today, we remain thankful for the things in life that truly matter. On this Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for many things. Whether it’s loved ones, health, security, etc., we are thankful.

At the same time, we attempt to remain thankful for the franchise we all love so dearly — or try to love, many days.

This season, the Bears sit at 3-7 as they go into their Thanksgiving Day game against the Detroit Lions. It has been an incredibly rough stretch as of late, and fans are having a difficult time including the Bears franchise in things they can be thankful for.

The 2021 NFL season has not been kind to the Chicago Bears fan base, but there are some things which could change that.

Although this season looks grim, and the Bears are not going anywhere for the time being, there are plenty of reasons to look ahead and think positively.

Fans have recently started to wonder whether or not the team will have a new coach next year, and even a new general manager. The roster could also look different, depending upon what type of moves the team makes in 2022.

For now, we continue to ride out the disappointing season that is. It is only another month and a half before things could really start to change.

But, let’s try and focus on the positive. If the following things ended up happening, Bears fans would have a whole lot more to be thankful.