Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace shouldn’t be off the hook

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are in bad shape right now. They are coming off a very embarrassing loss to the Baltimore Ravens. In that game, they were using Tyler Huntley who was an undrafted player that never made a start in the NFL before. He was mostly awful and still managed to win the game for his team.

Huntley was able to lead the Ravens to a win over the Bears because the Bears are the worst coached team in the league. The offense was as pathetic as it has ever been and that is saying something because they are always bad. Matt Nagy has been taking a lot of heat for this and everyone wants him gone. That is fair but Ryan Pace deserves blame as well.

The head coach is bad but he was put in place and kept around by the general manager. Ryan Pace put together a very bad roster that can’t score points. The defense has been lousy for most of the season as well so their 3-7 record makes perfect sense. He deserves just as much blame as Nagy for this disaster.

For one, Ryan Pace has been a bad drafter since taking over. He has had miss after miss in each first round that he has participated in except for one. He had some late-round gems but those don’t outweigh the poor selections that have kept the Bears from taking the next step.

The Chicago Bears need to make some major changes to their organization.

As mentioned before, he also deserves blame for Nagy. He hired the guy who has driven this offense into the ground because he is so stubborn. Pace could have potentially saved his job a long time ago by firing Nagy after 2020 but he decided to stay loyal to a fault. Now, he should be shown the door too.

Then, after that is done, it is time for George McCaskey and Ted Phillips to evaluate their position in the organization. They have both allowed this team to become what it is and should be ashamed of themselves. It is time to reevaluate the hiring process and bring in good football people.

The fans are chanting “fire Nagy” at Bears and Bulls games but “fire pace” should be the chant as well. Things are as bad as they have ever been and the team has no future outside of the quarterback. It is time for some people to lose their jobs and Pace has to be one of them.

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