Several Chicago Bears players want Matt Nagy fired, Pace may follow

Chicago Bears (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /

For many, this week is a heartwarming one filled with family, food and football. For Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy, this week could turn ugly in a hurry.

The Bears dropped their fifth game in a row on Sunday in a fairly gross fashion. Losing to the Baltimore Ravens, who were down Lamar Jackson (among others), was a ringing endorsement of one thing and one thing only: firing Nagy.

The Bears’ offense looked abysmal once again, and Nagy looked lost in his postgame press conference — once again. It’s a vicious cycle; a never-ending cycle, if you will. These Bears are bad, and it all stems from one guy.

Monday afternoon, insider Jordan Schultz dropped a bomb on Twitter in regards to Nagy and his future with the Bears.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is now as good as gone, and the players want it to happen.

Schultz’s report stating that many Bears players want Nagy fired is not shocking. It’s looked as though he had lost the locker room long ago. On several occasions, players have seemed disinterested and almost looked as though they had given up on Nagy.

One player sounded off in his recent press conference, and it was a pretty strong indication of how this team feels about their coach.

Cornerback Jaylon Johnson had this to say:

"“How many games have we lost in a row? There’s nothing to talk about. We aren’t going to beat a dead horse. We are all men. Coming in here and saying ‘we have to figure out a way,’ to me it’s BS.We have to find ways to win, we just have to get it done. Whatever it is. Like I said, whatever it is but there’s nothing to keep coming in here and talking about, and having all these rah-rah speeches. We’ve had five weeks of rah-rah speeches. I don’t think that talking is anything we need to be doing.”"

That is about as blunt as you can get. Players are tired of the same old jargon every week. Nagy has no idea what he’s doing or how to gather his troops. This thing is over.

The other part of Schultz’s report stated that general manager Ryan Pace is likely a goner as well, which would be music to fans’ ears. This is an organization that has to strip things down and clean house.

The question then becomes, will George McCaskey and Ted Phillips hire multiple people to help make football decisions? The front office, as many of us know, is not one that cares much about the fans or even football in general. They are businessmen, and that’s it.

If they want to make an intelligent football decision for the sake of the Bears’ product on the field, they would let Pace go and hire multiple people to come in and assist in these decisions.

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Keep an eye out on this situation over the next few weeks, because with new NFL rules, the Bears could begin interviewing coaches as soon as Week 17.