Chicago Bears front office can learn much from the Baltimore Ravens

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Lamar Jackson, Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

The Baltimore Ravens were without starting quarterback Lamar Jackson and still handed the Chicago Bears their fifth-consecutive loss on a picture-perfect day at Soldier Field.

The Chicago Bears let a late 13-9 lead slip away as the Ravens rallied back with their backup quarterback as Tyler Huntley led a last-minute, game-winning drive.

The Ravens left Chicago with a win without their MVP quarterback, started a quarterback who went undrafted while he made his first career start, a good amount of key players on injured reserved, and featured a pass defense that would struggle to stop traffic with the help of a stoplight.

Winning is all Baltimore seems to do–both this season and historically.

The Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears are polar opposite franchises…

The Ravens have been one of the NFL’s standards of success in the salary cap era. Meanwhile, the Bears have been at best mediocre and at worst a laughing stock.

Since officially becoming an NFL franchise in 1996–you have to remember when the owner at the time, Art Modell, moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, he had to leave all the Browns history behind–the Ravens are 232-177-1 with a 16-11 playoff record. Baltimore has made the playoffs 13 times, won two Super Bowls, and has had just seven losing seasons. Additionally, the Ravens have had just three head coaches and two general managers.

The Bears in that same 26-season span, and brace yourself, folks, are 189-221 with just three playoff wins. The Chicago Bears have made the playoffs just six times, lost a Super Bowl, and have 14 losing seasons. The Chicago Bears have gone through six head coaches and five different front-office leaders.

The Ravens currently sit on top of the AFC North. The Bears thankfully have the Detroit Lions in their division. Otherwise, Chicago most likely would be sitting in dead last.

The Bears have had a four-or-more game losing streak in four out of the last five seasons. Baltimore has had just one season where they lost four-in-a-row in that timeframe.

I could keep going but I want to avoid putting you in an all-out depression. The Chicago Bears can potentially turn things around by just studying the team that handed them a loss.

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