Chicago Bears: Tarik Cohen is angry, but questions still linger

Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /

Early last season, the Chicago Bears lost shifty running back and return specialist Tarik Cohen to an ACL injury. After sitting out the remainder of the 2020 season, many believed he would be back for the start of this year.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Cohen has yet to suit up, and 10 weeks into the year, it’s not looking as though he will play at all this season.

For some reason, there are fans on social media attempting to bother Cohen with a silly idea — that he would be sitting out the season on purpose.

Cohen responded to these critics pretty swiftly with a highly emotional tweet.

"“Just think about it , why tf would I be sitting out on purpose. Im a COMPETITOR. A pure f***ing competitor. People talk just to talk.” (@TarikCohen on Twitter)"

Tarik Cohen is justifiably upset, but the Chicago Bears aren’t doing him any favors.

Most level-headed fans would take Cohen’s side on this one. Obviously, he wants to be out there. It would be foolish for him to be sitting out the season if he was healthy, especially because of the Bears having drafted Khalil Herbert.

Cohen should be chomping at the bit to get in there while on the sideline, watching Herbert potentially take his job for future seasons. It’s absurd to say he’s sitting out on purpose.

However, what’s more absurd is the fact that the Bears have done him zero favors throughout this process.

Over the entire summer, throughout training camp, and even into this season, head coach Matt Nagy has been vague (at best) when answering questions about Cohen’s status. At times, Nagy has admitted that he doesn’t even know what type of rehab or workouts Cohen is doing to get back healthy.

Nagy has been asked if Cohen had to undergo a second procedure and has failed to give a straight answer. Therefore, fans and media are legitimately frustrated. Why are the Bears hiding his medical status? If Cohen underwent another procedure, it’s perfectly acceptable to let the public know.

For fans and media sake, it makes sense to make this public knowledge. But, more importantly, it would benefit Cohen even more if the truth simply came out. People would stop asking questions. The impatient trolls may relax a little bit if they knew he suffered a setback.

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All would be much better off if the Bears would come out and give a straight answer as to just what is happening with Cohen’s health at this moment. That’s all they have to do. If Nagy came out and admitted there was another procedure, a setback, or whatever speed bump may have come up, then this would all go away.