Chicago Bears: Why the Khalil Mack era could be ending

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1. Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack would still fetch a huge return

One of the things this season has taught us so far is that there is much more parity in the NFL than there has been in recent years. Only one AFC team has two losses, and many playoff teams are just hovering above .500 in both conferences.

The question, “Which NFL teams are actually elite?” has been tossed around plenty over the last couple of weeks, and for good reason.

This should lead some to believe that, over the coming offseason, some big moves could be made in order to put some teams over the top. A blockbuster like acquiring Mack could be that one move that certain teams need in order to win a Super Bowl.

Look at a team like the Tennessee Titans, who are currently leading the AFC. Their defense has come up big time over the past month and a half, and if they added Mack, they would certainly look like a championship unit.

Depending on what happens to J.J. Watt, the Arizona Cardinals could be another team which would be put over the hump by adding Mack. There are a few other teams that make sense, too, and Mack would still fetch a large return.

It’s not crazy to think that the Bears could get a package that included a first-round pick, along with maybe a couple of middle round picks as well (think along the lines of a third and fourth rounder).