Chicago Bulls suffer worst loss of the 2021-22 season

The Chicago Bulls are so good. They got off to a 10-4 start before heading up to Oregon to play the Portland Trail Blazers. Everyone has a lot of confidence in this team as they make their way through the first half of the season because of the way they have played a solid team game. However, they had their first real blunder of the season on Wednesday night.

They were winning at one point of the game against the Trail Blazers by 20. Those are the types of games that a team like the Bulls needs to hang on and win. Unfortunately, a collapse in the second half allowed Portland to come all the way back and win the game 112-107. It is the worst loss of the season to date and it isn’t close.

Every basketball team (or any team in any sport) loses games. That is the nature of sports. However, there are losses that are easier to accept than others. They lost on a missed buzzer-beater against the New York Knicks earlier in the year but that was their own attempt at a big comeback so it doesn’t sting as much. The other losses were typical tough games.

This loss to the Trail Blazers was their fifth loss but the reason it hurt so much was the fact that they should have won. The elite teams in the league are supposed to close out games that they lead by 20. This is by no means a season-defining loss (we don’t think) but it is a loss to watch over and over again to make sure it doesn’t start happening too often.

The Chicago Bulls can learn from this tough loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

The next time that the Bulls are up big in a game, they can’t be thinking about what happened in Portland. This is a good team with good players so onward and upward. At 10-5, they are in very good shape as they move on to Colorado.

The Denver Nuggets have historically been good against the Bulls in their own barn. This is Chicago’s chance to end any trends that are considered negative. This team is different than the teams in recent memory and should be viewed as such. There are good people leading the way and should be trusted as of right now.

Bad losses like this are good in a way. The Bulls now know that they are not invincible when they have a sizable lead. In pro sports, you have to play until the end otherwise you will lose. This game was proof of that. The Blazers deserve credit for coming back as they are a good team as well. Hopefully, the Bulls bounce right back to the team we know they can be.