3 reasons the Chicago Bulls must trade for Marvin Bagley

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3. The Chicago Bulls could give Marvin Bagley a huge opportunity for his future

With the way things have been going between Bagley and the Kings, a trade would give him a big opportunity no matter where he goes. Of course, the stain on Bagley’s image right now isn’t a positive, but it’s also something he can erase pretty quickly.

Coming into a situation like the Bulls, he would have a gigantic opportunity right away. As the Day 1 starter at power forward, Bagley has a chance to make a significant impact.

This is a player who very well could be the missing piece for a championship run this season. The Bulls are so well-put-together the way it is, and the only thing missing is a starting power forward.

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If he comes in and plays well, cements himself as a good teammate and proves he is still very much on the rise, Bagley could end up earning himself a nice, fat contract next year. This is his first opportunity to earn a big deal over his young career, and you better believe he knows that. Even though the situation is rough right now, Bagley understands he has to prove himself for his next deal.