3 reasons the Chicago Bulls must trade for Marvin Bagley

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /
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1. The Chicago Bulls would fill a major need with Marvin Bagley

The obvious reason why the Bulls have to trade for Bagley is due to the fact that he would fill their immediate need the most perfectly out of maybe any trade candidate right now. Bagley is an athletic big man who mostly plays the power forward spot — the spot left by Patrick Williams.

Bagley would come in immediately and start at the four spot, and he could be dynamic with the Bulls’ current core. Bagley is more of an inside scorer and works well inside the paint, which is great because Nikola Vucevic is a guy who can score both inside and outside. Those two have varying skillsets, allowing the Bulls to move Vucevic around as they like to, so he can get some open looks from beyond the arc.

With Bagley starting, that would also allow the Bulls’ bench to be much more loaded than it already is. Billy Donovan has had to throw guys in at the power forward spot randomly, and while it has worked for the most part, it isn’t exactly sustainable.

Being able to have a bench with both Alex Caruso and Javonte Green, instead of either one starting at the four, will make that unit much more lethal. Not to mention, Coby White being back adds tremendous depth as well. The Bulls’ roster, overall, would be full and ready for a run with Bagley.