Chicago Bulls: 4 big men Bulls should trade for immediately

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Chicago Bulls, Thaddeus Young
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The Chicago Bulls should trade for Thaddeus Young

You wouldn’t know it, but Thaddeus Young is playing excellent basketball this year once again. The San Antonio Spurs have hardly used him, as Young is playing just 19 minutes per game right now. But, he has been incredibly efficient and makes you wonder just why the Spurs would want him included in a deal from Chicago if they weren’t going to use him.

On a per-36-minute basis, Young is averaging 16.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, 6.6 assists, 2.3 steals and 1.1 blocks per game. Talk about doing it all — the veteran still has plenty of basketball left in him.

One has to wonder if he’s starting to feel similar to how he felt when Jim Boylen was under-using him at the beginning of his stint with the Bulls. This is a player who can offer a team so much more than what San Antonio is asking from him at the moment, and bringing him back to Chicago would be the missing piece. Young is the exact type of player the Bulls could use right now in place of Patrick Williams.

Young’s contract is up after this year, so he would be that final piece to the puzzle for sure. Chicago should absolutely bring him back.