Chicago Bulls: 4 big men Bulls should trade for immediately

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The Chicago Bulls should trade for Derrick Favors

The Oklahoma City Thunder currently sit 10th in the Western Conference and likely aren’t going anywhere soon. Over the past few years, Sam Presti has been a wizard in terms of collecting draft capital in effort to rebuild his Thunder.

One particular current piece which could be moved is power forward Derrick Favors, an 11-year NBA veteran. The former third overall pick out of Georgia Tech is still just 30 years old and could offer the Bulls a savvy veteran off the bench, in a similar fashion as Thaddeus Young did recently.

In 11 games thus far, Favors has only played an average of 17 minutes per night. Still, he’s scoring 6.1 points and pulling down 5.5 rebounds in his minimal time on the floor. The biggest thing he could offer the Bulls, right away, is another rebounding presence. That’s an area the Bulls have struggled this year, simply because of a lack of big men in the rotation.

Favors is also historically a decent shot blocker, too, but hasn’t gotten off to a fast start in that department this year. Knowing the type of team Donovan runs, Favors would likely turn it around defensively in a hurry. He’s coming off a season last year in which he averaged 2.4 blocks per 36 minutes, so he’s certainly capable. Favors’ contract runs through next season and averages about $10 million annually, so he’s certainly feasible to get.