These 4 players have been worthless for the Chicago Bears

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Nick Foles has been worthless for the Chicago Bears this season

The decision by Ryan Pace to trade for Nick Foles last year might have been the single dumbest move of his tenure in Chicago — and that’s saying something.

Foles is now the third string quarterback and has not played once this year. The worst part about Foles still being on this roster is the fact that he has a cap hit of $6.66 million this season — and there’s more, too. The Bears will take on a cap hit of $10.66 million next year if he’s kept on the roster, or only $7.66 million if they choose to cut him.

Either way, the Foles situation has turned into an absolute disaster. The Bears have proven to be very good at wasting money, and Foles is just one more example of that. Between he, Graham and even Andy Dalton, the Bears have way too much money wrapped up in guys who aren’t even being used.

As if paying $10 million for Dalton wasn’t enough, the Bears still owe all of that money to Foles.

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The cherry on top is the unwillingness for Pace to trade Foles because he didn’t want to move his family again. While that’s all nice and thoughtful on Pace’s part, it makes zero business sense. The Bears should have traded Foles for absolutely anything, even if it meant giving up a pick. Financial breathability would have been worth it.