These 4 players have been worthless for the Chicago Bears

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Artie Burns has been worthless for the Chicago Bears this season

When talking about Vildor, we have to also address the rest of the Bears’ cornerback room. Here’s the thing: If Vildor has been this bad in coverage, why hasn’t Sean Desai at least tried to plug in another player? The numbers speak for themselves. Vildor is atrocious.

The Bears have a veteran, and former first-round pick, on their roster who could not possibly be worse than Vildor. Artie Burns certainly hasn’t lived up to his draft hype, but at this stage in the game, what is the worst that could happen?

Burns has played zero percent of defensive snaps this season. So, yes he has been worthless for the Bears, but by no fault of his own. He hasn’t gotten a single opportunity to play defense this year, and on a unit that continues to suffer against the pass.

Between Burns and Vildor, it makes one wonder what in the world Pace was thinking over the offseason. You have a guy who hasn’t played a down on defense, in Burns, and the other guys here has been amongst the worst in football. Something doesn’t add up. If Vildor is not working out, Desai might as well try Burns. Instead, Burns’ roster spot is going to waste.