These 4 players have been worthless for the Chicago Bears

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Kindle Vildor has been worthless for the Chicago Bears this season

This might seem harsh, since we’re technically talking about players who have been a waste of a roster spot this year. However, there might not be a worse cornerback in the NFL this season than Kindle Vildor.

The Bears drafted Vildor in the fifth round last year as more of a developmental type of player, and that’s exactly what he’s proven to be. He has proven to be far in over his head this year as he’s been forced into taking on a starting role next to Jaylon Johnson.

This Bears defense going from Kyle Fuller to Vildor in a matter of one offseason might have been the worst move of the past 12 months. Ryan Pace botched this situation big time.

So far in 2021, Vildor has given up an opposing quarterback rating of 150.3. For those keeping track at home, a perfect quarterback rating reads 158.3. He has been taken advantage of over and over again, most recently putting on a hilarious performance against the Steelers.

Vildor is also allowing a massive 11.6 yards per target and giving up a 72.5 completion percentage (29 completions on 40 targets) to opposing passers. In nine games, Vildor has also allowed five touchdowns and is missing tackles at a 14.7 percent clip.

Quite frankly, it’s surprising that Vildor hasn’t been directly targeted more than 40 times this year. Any opposing offensive coordinator should be game-planning around this guy, and it’s a no-brainer. He’s almost always an automatic completion, it’s flat-out embarrassing.

This leads us into our second player, who we can connect directly to Vildor in some fashion.