These 4 players have been worthless for the Chicago Bears

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Well, here we are again. Chicago Bears fans are halfway through another season and many are already looking ahead.

This is what happens every year, quite frankly. It is what happens when a team is run by a front office stuffed with men who have absolutely zero clue about the game of football, nor do they care about the product on the field.

The 3-6 record is one thing, but it’s what could have been that hurts fans the most. This Bears team has had some talent on the roster over the last few seasons, and has managed to take it no where.

This is a direct reflection of Ted Phillips, George McCaskey and general manager Ryan Pace. It’s a trickle-down effect, as head coach Matt Nagy is clearly not the answer in Chicago, yet received another chance in 2021 — and he’s running it into the ground.

The Chicago Bears front office has made some boneheaded decisions, including keeping some players around who do not deserve it.

The Bears’ roster certainly has some holes that need filling, and hopefully that happens in 2022. But, for the remainder of this season, fans are left wondering ‘what if?’

Just what would have happened had Pace and his front office handled a few things differently over the past year or two? There are some players sitting on this roster who have no business being in this position.

There are some players who have offered the Bears little to nothing this year, and the fact that they own a roster spot is hilarious at this point.