Chicago Bears: 4 biggest regrets from first half of season

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Chicago Bears, Rodney Adams
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2. The Chicago Bears should regret letting Rodney Adams’ talent sit around

After nine weeks, the Bears finally decided to cut ties with veteran receiver Breshad Permian, who never even caught a pass for them this season. Perriman’s roster spot was completely worthless for nine weeks, yet there has been one guy sitting on the practice squad who would have helped benefit Fields’ development.

Rodney Adams was the preseason darling, sure, but his relationship and chemistry with his rookie quarterback cannot be denied. Fields and Adams found a surefire connection during training camp, and it showed during their preseason action together.

With Allen Robinson struggling to find his footing this year, largely due to not enough practice time with Fields, one has to wonder why the Bears aren’t bringing Adams up to their active roster.

When Chicago has thrown Jesse James out there, Fields has connected with him — because they had time together over the summer practices. The Bears aren’t going to be competing for the playoffs, so why not bring Adams up and quit wasting time? Fields’ development would be fueled even more so if he was given a guy he built a tight bond with. There is absolutely zero downside in allowing Adams to play during the second half of the season.