Chicago Bears: Thursday Night Football result was horrific

The Chicago Bears are on a bye this week. It is a week for them to reflect on the disaster that has been the first half of the season. At 3-6, they have been a disgrace from week one on. They had the Andy Dalton vs Justin Fields stuff early and now Fields is the main guy. That is about where the positives end for the 2021 Bears.

Having them on a Bye-Week came at the perfect time but there is something to worry about coming out of this week’s Thursday Night Football game. The Baltimore Ravens were defeated by the Miami Dolphins in a huge upset. Unfortunately for the Bears, the Ravens are their next opponent coming out of the bye.

They were embarrassed by Miami on national television. Going into the game, the Dolphins were 2-7 and the Ravens were 6-2. It is clear who the favorite was but the Ravens didn’t play well at all and the Dolphins deserve credit.

The Bears could learn from things the Dolphins did to shut down the Ravens but that would require Matt Nagy to be a good head coach. Instead, this is mostly bad for the Bears because now the Ravens are really going to bring their best. With extra time to prepare for an already below-average Bears team, Baltimore is in good shape.

The Chicago Bears are going to have a hard time containing the Baltimore Ravens.

Of course, everything that the Ravens do offensively runs through Lamar Jackson. He is a top-five quarterback in the NFL but he plays a very unique game. He isn’t the best thrower of the football but he isn’t bad either. He makes big plays by using his legs to extend the pocket and even run the ball. He is one of the best mobile quarterbacks that the league has ever seen.

When Lamar is on his game, the Ravens are very hard to beat. The Dolphins were able to contain him which was sensational to watch. However, the Bears defense has been suspect for a lot of this year. Depending on their injury report, Lamar might have some luck on the run.

It would have been better for the Bears to see the Ravens smoke the Dolphins. If that had happened, then the Bears would have been in better shape to catch them off guard similar to how Miami did. Now, the well-coached Ravens have to come out and prove something.

They are in the highly contested AFC North with the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cincinnati Bengals who are all having good years as well. The Bears’ playoff chances are slim to none at this point but dropping to 3-7 will pretty much lock that fact in. The Thursday Night Football game did them no favors in an effort to stay alive.