Chicago Bears Rumors: Top candidate to replace Matt Nagy revealed

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The Chicago Bears may only be halfway through their 2021 season, but could already be thinking about replacing head coach Matt Nagy.

In his fourth year as head coach, Nagy’s offense is still stuck in mediocrity and fans have grown tired of the same old press conferences filled with non-answers and little explanation for what we’re seeing on the field.

There is a growing suspicion that Nagy’s job is as good as gone when the season is over — or maybe even sooner. The question now becomes, who will replace him?

A recent podcast featuring NFL insider Benjamin Allbright revealed that Nagy’s ultimate replacement could make Bears fans pretty happy.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy could be replaced by Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Allbright joined Jon Zaghoul on Sports Talk Chicago and gave his two cents on who he thinks the Bears might be after, centering the conversation on Brian Daboll.

"”From my conversations, the Bears have already begun doing background on other coaches… I’ll say Brian Daboll would be the leader in the clubhouse.” -Allbright"

Daboll has quickly moved up the ranks of head coaching candidates over the last couple of years due to his developing Josh Allen. The Bills currently lead the NFL in points per game and Allen has become a top quarterback in this league, all thanks to Daboll.

Bringing in Daboll would be one of the more ideal moves the Bears could make, should they move forward with firing Nagy. He’s demonstrated a fine ability to take a quarterback who certainly looked as though he might not be ready, and turn him into a star in this league.

Allen’s big arm and mobility are similar strengths to Justin Fields, which also make Daboll an attractive coach for Chicago.

The primary focus when finding a replacement for Nagy is going to be the development of Fields. The Bears want a coach who can hold players accountable and hopefully present themselves as a much better public speaker while answering questions from the media. But, the first priority has to be Fields’ development.

When it comes to Nagy’s situation, specifically, the new NFL rules will be interesting. Now, teams can start interviewing candidates over the last two weeks of the regular season. This means that the Bears would have to fire Nagy in-season if they wanted to get a leg up on the competition for Daboll’s services.

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Chicago doesn’t typically fire coaches during the season, but these new rules might force their hand. If they want to get their guy in Daboll, then Nagy will have to be let go prior to season’s end.