Chicago Bears: 10 Matt Nagy replacements to start watching closely

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy could be replaced by Chris Tabor

Another name to watch for if the Bears were to promote from within is the man who got his chance coaching the team last week against the San Francisco 49ers. Special teams coordinator Chris Tabor might have lost his interim head coaching debut, but it wasn’t for lack of energy.

Bears fans loved watching Tabor on the sidelines get involved and really get after his team in a way they hadn’t seen from Nagy.

One of the biggest takeaways from Tabor’s coaching on Sunday was that, after the game, he talked about second half timeouts being “gold bricks” to him. There was a specific time where Chicago had 10 defenders on the field and the 49ers were on the Bears’ 2-yard line. Tabor did not call a timeout, and instead rolled the dice.

The Bears stopped San Francisco on the play. It was a bold decision for Tabor to save that timeout, but a refreshing one. Too many times we have seen Nagy burn timeouts in a senseless manner. Tabor’s approach is definitely new.

He would be the wildcard here, but don’t be surprised if Tabor gets some consideration. He has relationships with the entire locker room, as he has to always be watching the field and knowing what’s going on at all times. He’s tuned in.