Chicago Bears: 10 Matt Nagy replacements to start watching closely

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy could be replaced by Todd Bowles

Staying within the same organization, the Bears could once again look at a defensive-minded coach like Todd Bowles. The Bucs’ defensive coordinator has done a masterful job with the defense in Tampa, and the Bears have similar players to work with in Chicago.

Bowles is one of the more highly-respected coaches in the league and would immediately find it easy to get the backing of the Bears’ locker room. He’s a man of high character and a great leader.

In the past, Bowles didn’t have a great run as a head coach. But, we’re also talking about the New York Jets organization, here. We can wipe that one away.

Bowles has a background specializing in secondary, and that’s something in which the Bears could use improvement. Someone like Bowles might just be able to get the best out of Eddie Jackson again. The Bears are stuck with Jackson and that contract, so getting someone who could understand him and coach him back to his former self would be ideal.

His defenses have been dominant in the past, going back to when he had control of the Arizona Cardinals’ unit in 2013-2014. He likes to get after the quarterback, and that’s something he could do with the current roster in Chicago. Don’t overlook Bowles as a possible candidate.