Chicago Bears: 10 Matt Nagy replacements to start watching closely

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy could be replaced by Sean Desai

Do not discount the idea of Chicago promoting from within. Defensive coordinator Sean Desai could be under consideration for replacing Nagy based on his relationships with the players in the locker room having already been formed.

Desai has done a good job with the defense this year, too, all things considered. Ryan Pace gave him nothing to work with in terms of secondary help, and that’s been evident on the field. But, Desai’s commitment to an aggressive front seven has had the Bears’ defense playing well overall.

Desai’s leadership would be what gets him this job, above all else. Assuming he’d still call the defense, Desai would then try to bring in a top offensive mind to run the offense for him. It’s doubtful the Bears went with a defensive-minded coach, but it wouldn’t be totally out of the ordinary.

After all, when you think Bears football, you think defense first. The Bears certainly have pieces in place on that side of the ball to build around, therefore Desai would be a fine option to come in and lead the team from the top.