Chicago Bears: 10 Matt Nagy replacements to start watching closely

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After an uneventful and rather disappointing NFL trade deadline, the main storyline going forward for the Chicago Bears is just how soon head coach Matt Nagy will be fired.

Historically, the Bears have not fired coaches in the middle of the season. So, at the very least, Nagy will last through the rest of the year and inevitably be let go as the 2022 offseason kicks off.

There are a lot of whispers and theories floating around regarding Nagy being out after this year, and general manager Ryan Pace potentially sticking around. While fans would argue that both should be canned, the number one priority has to be Nagy, at the least.

Now, going into the second half of the season, it’s time to start looking a little deeper at coaching candidates.

There are a lot of suitable names who could replace Matt Nagy as the Chicago Bears head coach.

Fans have long-wanted Nagy out as head coach, dating back to last year. George McCaskey and Ted Phillips decided to roll the dice and stay put with Nagy in 2021. But, the cards simply haven’t fallen in Nagy’s favor.

It is abundantly clear that the front office must begin seriously looking at Nagy’s successor.

With a new rule change, NFL coaches can now interview for jobs starting in the final two weeks of the regular season. This new change could definitely impact whether or not Nagy lasts through the end of the year.

Right now, for the fans who want Nagy gone, a big task should be to take a look around at other coaching candidates who may get a call. There are a lot of capable candidates, and some are more under-the-radar types. Let’s dig into 10 names who will certainly get some buzz, and maybe in Chicago.