Chicago Bears: 2 young players to consider trading now

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Chicago Bears. Cole Kmet. 85. player. 57. . TE

Cole Kmet hasn’t lived up to expectations for the Chicago Bears so far.

The Chicago Bears took a risk when they drafted Cole Kmet out of the University of Notre Dame. That risk of drafting a tight end hasn’t really paid off for them yet as he has been very mediocre. In fact, before the last couple of weeks where he had some good games, he was worse than mediocre at the job.

Now, this hasn’t been all Kmet’s fault. The organization has failed him in many ways. They have so many tight ends around him and that has hindered his usage. Matt Nagy is also basically bad for everyone on the offense and Kmet is no different. If he were to go to a new team, he might find himself in a situation that is going to allow him to be at his best.

A team might not pay a lot to land Kmet. He is a sunk cost for the Bears unless he really starts to come out big. He doesn’t make a lot of money so another team might be intrigued by that and think that they can develop him better than the Bears have. Although they spent a second-round pick on him, anything they can get now might help them in the future.

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