Chicago Bears: 2 young players to consider trading now

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RB. Chicago Bears. David Montgomery. 32. player. 57.

The Chicago Bears are always capable of finding a good running back for the future.

David Montgomery was a fantastic draft pick made by Ryan Pace during his time there. Those have been few and far between but he nailed this one. Montgomery, coming out of Iowa State, can be a team’s number one rusher for a long time. He has a lot of value in the NFL right now so trading him would be a good idea if they can get a haul for him.

Why would the Bears want to trade a great running back like this? Well, the answer is complicated. They might not. However, they need to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are going to be a winning team while he is still in his prime. Running backs don’t last as long in the NFL so they might as well move on while they can get a good return.

The Bears, for all their faults, always find good running backs. They wouldn’t be without a good one like Montgomery for very long. Just look at how good Khalil Herbert has been since Montgomery went out with an injury. For that reason, the Bears should see if anyone wants him so that they have him when he returns in a couple of weeks.