Chicago Bears: 2 young players to consider trading now

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The Chicago Bears are a bad football team. They are 3-5 and they could probably be worse if it weren’t for pleasantly surprisingly good play against the Cincinnati Bengals and Las Vegas Raiders earlier in the season. Three straight losses prove that they should be sellers at the trade deadline. They have no business thinking they are a playoff team in the year 2021.

The most important player in the organization is Justin Fields. We saw him have a decent game on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers which was nice but the defense let him down in a big way. The team just needs to make sure that they continue developing him.

There are some players on the team that could get the Bears some nice return if they were to trade them. Some of them are younger players that some fans might be sad to see go. However, it is a good idea to think about it because of the fact that this team is still a few years away from winning.

The Bears need to get better as an organization. However, in order to do that the right way, they might need to make big moves that involve young players and veteran players to be more prepared for two to three years down the line.

The Chicago Bears need to change some things about their organization.

There are some big decisions to be made in terms of the coaching staff as well. This team might go through a complete overhaul soon so getting as many assets as possible would be smart. These are two young players to consider trading right now: