Chicago Bears should begin fire sale by trading these 5 players

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The Chicago Bears should trade Andy Dalton at the deadline

Lastly, the Bears should trade one of their quarterbacks before the deadline. It has seemed silly to keep three quarterbacks up to this point, and would be especially head-scratching to carry three of them going forward with the way this season is going.

Trading Andy Dalton for a late-round pick would be ideal. Dalton is another guy whose contract is up after this year, as he’s on just a 1-year deal.

Think about the New Orleans Saints who just lost Jameis Winston. New Orleans has Taysom Hill coming back fairly soon, but a pocket passer makes much more sense for that offense. The Saints are going to get Michael Thomas back — hopefully, soon. Having a quarterback who can throw those intermediate routes that Thomas excels at would help that offense stay competitive.

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Let’s say that the Bears could get a sixth-round pick for Dalton — that’s more than enough for a guy who won’t start another game and will be gone after this year. It’s all about the future, at this point, and dealing Dalton makes a ton of sense.