Chicago Bears: 3 insane trade packages for Allen Robinson

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Allen Robinson and the Chicago Bears could be involved in a blockbuster deal.

The Bears don’t have to just trade Allen Robinson by himself for some mid-round picks. They could also package him with something that another team needs in order to make the selections coming back a little bit better. For example, sending him along with Andy Dalton to the New Orleans Saints for a second and fifth-round pick would be a blockbuster.

The Saints all of a sudden need a quarterback. Jameis Winston went down in their win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend so Dalton would be a perfect replacement for the rest of the season. At 5-2, the Saints have the division on their mind but the playoffs, in general, are almost expected at this point. Getting a good player to play quarterback is now a must.

If Dalton went there with Robinson, he would be bringing someone that he is somewhat familiar throwing the football to. They might be able to go there and bring the Saints what they need. They might even like it enough to stay for a while beyond this year as they are one of the premier NFL franchises.

We don’t know for sure if the Bears will pull the trigger on Robinson but they should. Anything they can get for him would be better than franchise tagging him again just so that they can mismanage him. If anything of value is offered, it should be done.

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