Chicago Bears: 1 team should absolutely trade for Andy Dalton

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The Chicago Bears are in shambles after a very bad loss to the San Francisco 49ers. They are now 3-5 with little hopes of going to the postseason. The Matt Nagy era is going to end with him as one of the worst coaches that the team has ever seen. For now, however, they might be smart to start selling off players before the trade deadline.

One player that they should consider trading is Andy Dalton. Justin Fields has assumed the full-time role as the starting quarterback and isn’t giving it away any time soon. Despite the bad loss on Sunday, Fields had a couple of plays that made him look great. He is the guy going forward.

They also have Nick Foles who could be the backup if they traded Dalton away. He isn’t the Nick Foles that won Super Bowl MVP a few years back but he is still a big-time leader in the clubhouse that makes a capable backup to a rookie.

There is one team out there that could really use a quarterback right now. The New Orleans Saints just defeated the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday but it came with a price. They lost their quarterback, Jameis Winston, for the season.

The New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears could really use a big trade before the deadline.

The Saints turned some heads with the win and look like someone that could win the NFC South or at least give the Bucs a run for their money. Without Winston, however, they might find trouble keeping it going for the rest of the year.

Winston isn’t a superstar or anything so it isn’t like Andy Dalton will have huge shoes to fill. He would be able to go there and just work which would be amazing for him. With the right team around him, which the Saints would have, he could thrive.

It is unclear what a trade like that might look like but you never know. The Bears are currently letting Andy sit on the bench making all that money so they might as well try and get something for him if they can. If the Saints offer up anything of value, including mid-tier draft capital, the Bears should do it right away.

It is rare for a trade to truly benefit both teams but something like this might. The Saints have a chance to have a really good finish to a really good season and Andy could help them with that. The Bears are going nowhere and should try and stack assets for the future. A trade like this could provide that for both.

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