Chicago Bears: Playing without Matt Nagy shouldn’t be to spooky

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears aren’t a good football team. Every now and again, they fool us into thinking they are doing something good but it never lasts long. A large reason for that is because they have Matt Nagy as their head coach and he is not good at his job. He isn’t going to be coaching for them on Sunday as he deals with COVID-19 protocols.

Of course, we hope Nagy is okay. COVID-19 is tough and nobody should have to deal with that. However, he just hasn’t been good at coaching football games for the Bears so this is a tough spot for him to be in. If they go out there and play well in his absence, that is going to be a terrible look.

The Bears reported that special teams coordinator Chris Tabor will be the acting head coach in this game. It is an interesting choice that will make things look a little bit different. With it being Halloween, this might not be as spooky of a switch as you would think.

The Bears have been a poor offensive team during Nagy’s entire tenure as Bears coach. The play calling is atrocious and they have had one of the league’s worse offenses as a result. The fact that he still has a job with the team is crazy but they never fire anyone during the season.

The Chicago Bears are going to be without Matt Nagy on Sunday at home.

The scariest part of this whole situation is Justin Fields. He is one of the best quarterback prospects that the team has ever had and they really can’t afford to mess up his development. Matt Nagy has done him no favors, similar to how he handled Mitchell Trubisky. It would honestly be refreshing to see him thrive while Nagy is away.

The 49ers have been one of the league’s most disappointing teams so far. The NFC West is probably the league’s best division and they have not thrived like people thought they would before the season. They are dealing with similar situations but they have certainly been much less pathetic over the last five years or so.

San Francisco, regardless of any of that, is a tough challenge. However, they aren’t as good as the Green Bay Packers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers so it is definitely a step down in terms of the opponent.

The issue for the Bears is that they will be missing some significant starters this week. With that, the team playing well in this game would be a terrible look for Matt Nagy. Don’t be surprised if that ends up being the case.

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