Chicago Bears: 4 trade packages that could be pivotal

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Chicago Bears, Ryan Pace

The Chicago Bears entered the season with an unclear direction. They drafted a rookie QB that foreshadowed a reset. But, were led by a regime that needed to win now and was tied to one of the oldest rosters in the NFL because of that regime.

Through seven weeks, the Bears are status quo mediocre at 3-4. However, the record at face value doesn’t paint the full picture. That picture is that the Bears are third to last in points per game and 3/4 losses were embarrassing defeats against legitimate contenders.

When taking those two factors into account, it’s easy to see just how far away this team is from competing. And, that reality starts with the structure of this roster.

The Chicago Bears’ future is now and it is time to start acting like it going forward.

The Bears have copious amounts of resources invested in their defensive line in a league where the offense is the name of the game. In addition to the expensive defense, a quarterback they will pay future money to whether he is on the roster or not.

Luckily for the Bears, the trade deadline is here and there are a lot of teams that believe they’re one piece away from making a legit run.

That said, this team can ignite the shift towards becoming an offensive team that they desperately need by being a major seller at the trade deadline.

It obviously is a lot easier said than done to start jettisoning players from the roster. But, with no real chance of competing this year, it’s important to start gaining as many resources as possible to properly build around Fields.

Let’s begin exploring trade scenarios by starting off with the one domino that needs to fall for this process to happen.

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