Chicago Bears: These 3 trades will blow up the franchise

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The Chicago Bears should trade Allen Robinson to the Green Bay Packers

Oh, we’re going here.

Bears fans would hate to see Allen Robinson traded to the Green Bay Packers. Any other team, and we’d be fine. But, the Packers? Why?

Here’s why: the Packers clearly need another offensive weapon to try and load up for a Super Bowl run. Adding Robinson would be one of the best moves they could make. But, if they think they’re going to get Robinson for a discounted price, they’re wrong, and that’s why the Bears should make this move.

Robinson’s contract has him playing just 10 more regular season games before he’s a free agent. There’s no chance he comes back to Chicago, as that relationship has been severed for a while now.

So, as we’re approaching the halfway point in the season, Robinson’s return value continues to go down a little bit. Maybe he could have been dealt for a second-rounder a few weeks ago. But now? The Bears might get a fourth-round pick for him.

This is the Packers we’re talking about, though, and they’ll have to pay a bit more than another team would. In that case, the Bears get a third and sixth-round pick from the Packers in exchange for Robinson and a seventh rounder.