Trading these players would be in Chicago Bears’ best interest

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The Chicago Bears should trade Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn is having one heck of a season, but should be dealt.

Why trade him?

He looks as good as he’s ever looked. Quinn could be one of those final pieces a championship contending team needs to add. Think about teams like the Baltimore Ravens or Kansas City Chiefs.

Quinn’s contract makes him a trade candidate from Chicago’s point of view. That is the number one reason why the Bears need to move him. Going into next offseason, the Bears will need money to spend on other areas like cornerback, safety and offensive line. It will be tough to fill all of those holes if the Bears still have Quinn on the roster.

His 5-year, $70 million wasn’t the smartest move by Pace. Sure, he’s playing very well in 2021. But, for the future sake of this team, Quinn should be traded.

What could the Bears get?

Quinn is 31 years old and, if he continues to play this well, could still have a couple of good years left. Because any team that trades for him knows they’ll have him for a little while, his value becomes a bit better. Thankfully, Quinn is playing up to his contract at the moment. That makes it easier for the Bears to get decent value.

If the right contending team wanted Quinn, I could see the Bears getting a third or fourth-round pick. It might be difficult to get more than that simply due to his contract, but a third or fourth rounder would be fair compensation, especially considering the Bears need to add more draft capital after trading a couple of 2022 picks away this last draft.