Trading these players would be in Chicago Bears’ best interest

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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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The Chicago Bears should trade Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson is one player who keeps popping up in trade rumors.

Why trade him?

First of all, let’s establish the fact that the Bears currently have the NFL’s worst passing offense. It doesn’t matter who Justin Fields is throwing the ball to if the play-calling stinks, or if the offensive line isn’t where it should be.

Fields has a clear connection with Darnell Mooney and a great relationship with Marquise Goodwin. If the Bears continue to try and find their identity in the run game, they won’t be passing much. Fields will still have enough guys to target in the passing game without Robinson, and he won’t even have Robinson beyond this season anyways.

That, over anything else, is the main reason to move Robinson to a contending team. Robinson will be gone next year anyways, when he enters free agency. He isn’t going to be in Chicago beyond 2021, therefore the Bears should try to get something in return before they lose him.

What could the Bears get?

Depending on where he would land, Robinson might fetch something along the lines of a third-round pick. He would be a rental for half a season, so it might be difficult to convince a team to give up a second rounder. However, that’s not necessarily out of the question. The most likely scenario, though, is a third-round pick in exchange for Robinson.