Chicago Bears: Week 6 takeaways and more following loss to Packers

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Takeaway Three: The Chicago Bears offensive scheme is still a big problem

When Bill Lazor took over playcalling, everyone was excited – as they should be. Last season, Lazor’s playcalling was a big reason why the Bears even found themselves back in the playoffs. However, he wasn’t the answer to the greater issue of the Chicago Bears offense: the overall scheme.

Matt Nagy might have his issues as a play-caller and architect of this offense, and he definitely isn’t the long-term solution, but Lazor definitely is not either. Trust me, if all that was stopping the Chicago Bears from being an elite offensive team was to switch play-callers, it would have happened a long time ago.

The Bears are a run-first team, that’s where the core strengths of the offense lay. However, their staff has some of the most unimaginative play-calls for this ideology (see: Greg Roman in Baltimore or any Shanahan-related scheme). Not to mention, Lazor himself has never been successful coordinating an offense in his time in the NFL either – he just happens to be better than Matt Nagy.

What Sunday showed everyone is that even though rookie quarterbacks might face a setback if their coach and scheme switch in between their rookie and sophomore season, the Chicago Bears are better off ripping the band-aid off of the Matt Nagy experience sooner rather than later.

This team still has a lot of talent and could use upgrades at key positions on offense and defense, but they are equipped with the cap space and draft capital to do so. The events of the next offseason will have lasting effects throughout the remainder of Justin Fields’ rookie contract, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that someone else takes a stab at leading this team instead of Matt Nagy and Bill Lazor.