Chicago Bears: Week 6 takeaways and more following loss to Packers

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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The Chicago Bears lost to the Packers by the score of 24-14 on Sunday, and while many of us fans were excited and hopeful going into the game, it appeared (on paper at least) that it was the same old story. The Bears come out roaring, striking quickly off the momentum given to them by the amazing crowd and atmosphere at Soldier Field.

The Packers start slow but adjust, ultimately taking small pieces of momentum back with each drive. This is followed by a crushing blow/mistake from the Bears (see: Justin Fields interception on the missed free play) swings everything back to Green Bay, who then controls the game until the end, even weathering a late Bears surge in the fourth quarter.

This has been the case in 90 percent of the games Rodgers has played in this rivalry over the course of the past decade. However, just because the story of the game was familiar, doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to learn about this team. My key takeaways are as follows:

Takeaways from the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game:

Takeaway One: The Chicago Bears are who we thought they were

Saturday, October 16th, was the 15 year anniversary of the infamous Chicago Bears 20 point comeback over the Arizona Cardinals led entirely by the defense and special teams but permanently etched in history by Dennis Green’s famous postgame comments: “The Bears are who we thought they were.” Well on Sunday, the Chicago Bears showed us that they are still exactly who we thought they were.

This is a team, in the Nagy era, that has always been able to beat the teams they are objectively more talented than (and the Vikings), but never stay competitive with the NFC elite. This proved to be true again on Sunday when, despite a great effort from the defense to limit Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams (till the putaway drive), they simply could not score enough points.

I assure you, the Bears will bounce back from this and finish the season respectably, perhaps even slide into the playoffs again, but it’s clear as day that this team has reached a ceiling under Matt Nagy’s leadership no matter who starts under center.